Thermoplastic Road Marking Material Suppliers in Bhubaneswar
We have set a standard which does not compromise on quality, availability and feasibility of the products. Being our key product thermoplastic road marking material, it is manufactured as per the standards prescribed by MORTH and BS. It acts as a catalyzing agent, and has magnificent curing abilities. Durability is the biggest advantage and it’s non yellowing quality and glossy finish are a plus. Along with all the necessary sub products, we have added sheer responsibility and utmost care to this product of ours.

Key Features

  • Skid resistance– When constructing a new road surface, it is often checked whether skid resistance is up to the mark. This plays an important part in the safety of road users.
  • Quick drying time– Ours is a retro reflective, water borne paints with very fast drying formulation. This proves to be worker friendly and minimizes traffic control while restriping
  • Good visibility– Being seen vividly is the most fundamental prerequisite for the safety of all road users. Lack of visibility is a major cause for all road accidents and to prevent the same is our goal.
  • Ease of application– We empathize with our customers and their workers and our thermoplastic road marking product is designed such that they are in way put under pressure. Applying paints on roads is a very tedious process and our road marking products make it simpler.
  • Environment friendly– We wholeheartedly respect and value mother nature and at no cost will we take it for granted. We build green thermoplastic road marking paint products and strive to achieve sustainable development.
Physical Characteristics Standard Result
Appearance Color: White/Yellow White/Yellow
Density (g/cm3): 1.8 ~ 2.3 2.02
Softening Point (oC): 90 ~ 125 103
Drying time of no sticking to wheel (minute) 3 max. 3
Luminance factor: White 75 min. 83
Yellow 45min. 51
Compression Strength(Mpa): 12 min. 18.10
Skid Resistance (BPN): 50 min. 55
Flow Resistance (%): 35±10 38
Glass Beads Content (%w/w): 18 ~ 25 22.6
Abrasion Resistance (mg 200r/1000g reduce weight): 80 max. 53.60
Flash Point (oC): 230oC min. 250 oC